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We have previously wrote about ERX LGE on Sonce. More here —

Updates for ERX IEO allocation on ChainX (ENDED)

Dear ERX community,

Many of you were disgruntled and unable to participate in the IEO on ChainX. We suggested a full refund to everyone who participated in ChainX but due to the demand and rejection of refund from the community, we have decided to do a Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)…


Date and Time

1. Is there a reason why you started marketing in Korea?

Yes. Korea is actually a very important market and it is not easy to penetrate into the Korean market without a reliable marketing partner like ICO Pantera. I have noticed that there are not many or almost no DeFi…

Details on the ERX rebase tokens and liquidity mining rewards.

We have highlighted what are the goals and visions for ERX in the first article. While ERX will begin its journey on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token.

The beauty of the DAO is that it can be programmed to function in a manner that allows for its stakeholders…


When Bitcoin was born, the technology pioneered the democratisation of finance through the decentralisation of money. It brought us the ability to be our own bank, to decide how our money is moved and allowed us to conduct fund transfers at 4.30 …



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